is one of the fuckin gayest internet connections ever fuck snip and fuck u bri
bri fucked snip up the ass
by max December 09, 2004
Top Definition
Cutting off part of your post on a forum, or the complete post.
Guy 1: *posts in a thread*
Guy 1: *realizes it does not fit*
Guy 1: *edits post, replaces everything with "snip"*
by Oscar_SP August 22, 2009
A word mainly used in internet forums. To cut out someone's post, usually due to length or to draw more attention to one's own post.
(quote="anonymous" post=...) -snip- (/quote)

I disagree with this person, but you have to scroll up the forum to see what he said so you can know why I'm disagreeing. Yes, I am a jerk.
by Chosen Sloth August 02, 2009
(verb) To score ridiculous, insane, incredible, or magnificient goals in Hockey, whether it be in Ice Hockey, Street Hockey, or in Video Games.

(Noun) Short for "snipe". A ridiculous or magnificient goal in Ice Hockey, Street Hockey, or NHL 09. Most of these are credited to a man by the name of Alexander Ovechkin.
'YO did u see that ovechkin goal!?"
"Na bro but I heard it was a SNIP!!!!!"
by OVYISGOD8 June 06, 2009
1) A Women
2) Shwaty
3) Baby Girl
4) Short for "Ho-Snip"
Damn those snips over there is wavy son.
by Karl and Allan September 30, 2009
To cut.
Snip snip, no more hair on these puppy's!
by if, fi May 09, 2003
stuff, things, shit
You better put some water on that damn snips!
by Sym Dawnderson August 21, 2009
A mini snap
I saw a snip, so i snapped.
by Snapperdedapper January 29, 2009

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