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1. The look one gets on their face after a really stupid person just gets finished talking and turns their back.
2. The look that usually proceeds after a very long and exhausting fake smile.
I can't help but snile at the stupid bitch, she's a waste of carbon!
by Gina December 11, 2003
A facial expression and sound that combines a beaming smile with an audible snort; usually only displayed when exposed to sudden shock or surprise. If drinking, a "snile" can induce projectile nasal discharge.
Jenny sniled boldly when Neil, her manager, split his pants when bending over to retrieve a pencil from the floor.
by SexySimian February 04, 2011
A word used to some up a great time being had.

Synonyms: Nice; Awesome; So good; Amazing; Great.

Other words that could be used: "Sniiiiice".
"Dude, that girl was sniles over there."

"Hey, these hot chicks are coming over tonight."

"Hey look at her, she's sniiiiiice"
"Yeah, she's totally sniles."

"If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Sniles Davis."
by Sniles Davis January 16, 2008
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