Someone who has a sexual fetish for sniffing their own or their partners jizz, ass juice lady jizz or all of the above mixed together. After a good ramming they may tend to rub a hand over their nasty region pull it up to their face and sniff hard.
i cant believe my gf is a fucking sniffer
by zoltan112 May 26, 2011
n. asshole, possibly referring to how dogs sniff each other's asses in greeting. Certainly an odiferous part of the body.
A TV ad for 'Factory' shows a man explaining his manual sexual technical prowess by illustrating 'three fingers up the shiela, pinky up the sniffer and tickle the begoyna'. Heard in June 2008.
by Tribade June 27, 2008
this is a guy who smells a seat after somebody just got up
from sitting.
What in the hell is mikey doing down in row one?
FRIEND; That fat ass girl with the greasy hair just got up

from sitting,he's sniffing the seat!
whoaaaa! Mikey's a sniffer?
by driver_im8 July 09, 2009
something ot one cute who likes to smell you all the time
aww you beeing a sniffers
by deathwithab March 13, 2009
Im gonna punch that kracker in the sniffer.
by mynigga March 22, 2003
The skilled act of sniffing ejaculate through the nasal opening, or nostril. Most conventionally via a funnel.
I blew it in her face, she snorted it in her nose. I tossed her a food stamp and jetted.
by DrMullet February 16, 2004

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