Someone who has a sexual fetish for sniffing their own or their partners jizz, ass juice lady jizz or all of the above mixed together. After a good ramming they may tend to rub a hand over their nasty region pull it up to their face and sniff hard.
i cant believe my gf is a fucking sniffer
by zoltan112 May 26, 2011
Top Definition
Someone who has a sexual fetish for nuzzling someone else's asshole with their nose.
Mike's a sniffer. Those girls at the bar just want to get sniffed.
by smurghi July 10, 2008
A male who sniffs around girls.

As in, one who attempts to ingratiate himself to a clique of attractive young women, in the hopes that he will copulate.

Then promptly moves to another clique when rejected.
Look at him sniffing around her again! (sniff sniff)
by Vodka Head March 22, 2005
Someone (usually a geeky little dweeb) that sniffs around a bird that you are trying to bang, even tho they know you like her!! Tryin' to get in there before you when you know they haven't got a chance because you and her have been emailing all day at work, rippin' the arse out of this little pest!!
Look at that little worm sniffing around Natalie again! He's got no chance man, he looks like Mr Beans stunt double! he's such a little sniffer!
by Phatzoot June 16, 2011
The front row of A strip club. So close you can sniff the presentation.
Sniffers bro, Sniffers
by sweetpiks March 07, 2011
you and your girl are getting it on and your creepy friend and/or roommate is creeping outside your door and breathing deep.
George: what the hell are you doing outside my door?!?!?!

Steve: nothing man... i heard a strange noise and thought i would just check it out....

George: i could see your feet under the door and could hear you breathing asshole!! your such a sniffer!!!
by chloe mcgruber April 01, 2011
A sniffer, also commonly referred to as an "ass kisser," is one whom, basically, can't leave a person alone. A sniffer, will perform such actions as, following one around, calling or texting someone to almost no end, over complimenting a person to gain one's attention, and paying frequently unexpected visits to one's home.

Sniffers can be commonly noticed at parties, events, family functions, in the work environment, and most social gatherings.
Did you go to Dad's house party? There sure were a lot of sniffers that wouldn't leave him alone.
by NiceOFFICIAL88 December 20, 2010
a sniffer to be defined as a person who frequents a bar with attractive employees and tips to much in hopes of one day hooking up with any of the waitstaff. A sniffer is a regular at an establishment only really creepy.
Your at a bar with friends and you see an old guy or girl at the bar alone trying way to hard to flirt with bartender or waitress while tipping too much to keep them intersted. As if they are "sniffing" their air hence " sniffers".
by elbradeo June 04, 2010

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