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Mischievous child; A child who who does things which should require correction but the correction is often surpassed with laughter at what they have done.
You little snickelfritz.
by Snitzer December 15, 2008
a low grade of marijuana
My rich friends smoke the good weed,but all i can afford is the snickelfritz.
by Kellebrew January 28, 2009
Used as an endearing term towards a friend.
Sally: Hi how are you?
me: I'm good, whats up with you there snickelfritz?
by heatherinusa May 08, 2006
Replacement for a name that one has forgotten.
"This is my boyfriend, umm, Snickelfritz".
by vacationmom September 04, 2012
a kid, or more specifically a rowdy child. (pennsylvania dialect)
She's bringing her snickelfritz to the party.
by jbdub September 02, 2007