Anal stimulation via finger in the ass
Marthby enjoyed the snex action that was goin on...
by WJ March 07, 2005
A man who likes another mans ass.

WJ was loving the ass snex had
by WJ March 07, 2005
A gay homo. Someone who likes to have sex up there ass.
WJ thanked Snex for the fine snex he was having
by WJ March 07, 2005
All the sex you have while you are snow bound and can't go out.
Wanna have snex again? Nothing else to do since we're snowed in again!
by NatX February 28, 2010
A man addicted to penis. In their later years they become referred to as a 'Namdlo'. Though the addiction can be overcome through detox and rehabilitation, this is very rare. Often a snex accepts the addiction as part of a lifestyle decision. Snex can also be used as a plural.
Yo mang, check out those snex over there!

Snex uses harden.
by Bee Fourchan November 18, 2007
A leet pro.

snex is good at the game counter-strike version one point six.
by snex March 31, 2005
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