1 to move about without being seen
2 to move in the shadows of darkness
3 to commit illeagal or mischivious deeds
A) where were you last night man
B) i was snekin' about in the shadows
by mr. sheen August 05, 2008
Top Definition
A long, carnivorous, legless reptile, otherwise known as a snake. The word 'snek' is often used in combination with 'stahp'.
Snek, where u goin?
Snek, stahp!
I saw a cute little snek in my garden yesterday.
by MooshiePrism January 15, 2014
A worm shaped Snake that eats other snakes. It originates from a stream by Re-Load on youtube.
by A giant pacific octopus May 29, 2016
Its a lazier word for snake
Wow do you see that snek
by Ssnek June 27, 2016
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