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1.)noun - One who is to sneedle. Derived: Upon sighting of the struggling life form, it was agreed upon it had sneaking charateristics and mannerisms of an insect, which one Tre David said sounded like eedle. So thus created the name Sne + edle.
2.)Verb - to move about in a sneedling manner. Usually twisted body parts, bearing a liking to "Mr. Burns"
3.)Verb tr. - To generally creep out others; usually with sneedle sniffing.
4.)Adj. Sneedle like. One who, as this definition is being written would sneedle over my shoulder and try to read this as I'm typing it and laugh it off as a joke. Might dress up as an "Apothicary" (probably will try to help me spell this) and brag about it for weeks say it was a "ballin costume DaWg!!!!!111!!"
Uses in common language:

"Ewwwwww....this sneedle has his giant sneedle arm around me"

"Okay darling...don't let the Sneedlee try to Sneedle into u"


"Damn, that sneedle over there tried to sneedle me into the pyramid scheme at my local Wawa!."


"my roomate sneedled into my room!"

"This sneedle is creeping me out...for real..."

by Srg Sneedle November 01, 2007
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