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The breasts of a woman that appear at first to be in the A-B cup size range while in a chick's shirt or sports bra, but once exposed and discovered by a fine gentleman, are truly a set of C-D cup titties that run shit and gain a lot of appreciation.

or the inverse;

The meat balloons of a woman that she has artificially enhanced through the use of padded bras or other gay devices that result in false advertisement for dudes a.k.a. Displaying a healthy set of C-D titties but really having A-B titties we don't really give a shit about and can't tit fuck.
Vince: Yo Will, how'd shit go with that broad you took home from Nikki Beach last night? Looked like she had a sick body but an average set of titties.

Will: Bro i meant to call you this morning....I took that chick home, started going at it with her, and when i took her shirt off, a set of sneaky tits popped out. I couldn't believe it. I was expecting a small perky rack and then a set of D puppies hugged my face. Good time bro.


Vince: You aren't gonna believe this bro. Remember that broad I brought home that had those tits we were high fiving about?

Will: Yeah of course son.

Vince: Yeah they were fucking sneaky tits. I feel ripped off.

Will: No way!!!! Victoria from Victoria's Secret is a cunt for inventing those bras.
by Jesus the Prairie Dogg August 24, 2011
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