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Sneakers O'toole is very fleet of foot, thanks to his spiffy sneakers.
As he jaunted away from the wouldbe sneaker taker offers, he declared, 'I didn't take my sneakers off. I'm still Sneakers O'toole!"
by Regg June 19, 2008
143 35
A stubborn man who refuses to take his sneakers off. He also likes to a sing a jaunty tune whilst walking.
"I'm not takin my sneakers off, I am Sneakers O'Toole!"
by sneakers o'toole January 11, 2008
379 64
He never takes his sneakers off.
"We will never get Sneakers O Toole to take his sneakers off. Not in these shoes."
by Benjamin Petrofsky December 13, 2008
19 6