penis, male genitalia
i was so drunk last night i took my sneaker out at the party,
there i was sitting in my room stroking my sneaker
come on girl you know you want this sneaker
by pat mayonaise March 06, 2011
Slang for Puma; derived from the Puma Sneaker
a Puma who sneaks up on her prey stealthily is a Sneaker
by kisgenM January 05, 2009
1. The tires on your ride.
2. A secondary name for a condom
1. Yo Cletus, whats with the news sneakers on your Ford Ranger? It looks stupid!
2. Dayum baby, my dick needs a sneaker before runnin' your marathon.
by Brenna Perfect December 21, 2004
Title of a film with Robert Redford and Ben Kingsley. Perhaps from "to sneak" like to slink, to weasel.
by uwe salomon October 02, 2003
Coined by E. Oluwole around 2001, "sneakers" stands for any move in which the sneaker (person doing the action) takes advantage of the work the sneakee has done. The word "sneakers!" is to be said aloud when the action takes place.

Sure fire way to slowly annoy your roomates in college! They won't see it coming... probably because it's so retarded.
When her brother lifted up the lid of the garbage can, E gleefully yelled "sneakers!" as she threw her crumpled napkin into the can, saving herself from the trouble of lifting and placing down that burdensome lid.

Upon turning on the faucet, E's brother snuck over and yelled "sneakers!" as he rinsed the spoon he held, now free of the responsibility of turning off the faucet.
by E. Oluwole September 01, 2006
shoes worn by females, sports type
gemma had worn her sneakers all day without socks, she took off her sneakers and her toes smelled amazing, i just wanted to eat her sweet cute little toes
by gemma's foot slave April 19, 2005
meaning whatever

Sneaks = whatevs
Tom: You smell! (You smell)
Bob: ehh, sneaks (ehh, whatevs)
by Alli March 01, 2005

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