A line of cocaine and crushed-up xanax.
"Snax is much better than 'kandy', which is ketamine and mandy. We are way cooler than lots of those lame-Os who do Kandy." Oli & Alex
#cocaine #xanax #drugs #fun #kandy
by senecauk March 24, 2008
Top Definition
Food that is inevitably consumed after getting stoned. Obviously a parody of the spelling s-n-a-c-k-s.
Gaz: "Hey after this 400th game of Fusion Frenzy and a few thousand games of DOA, do you wanna head to the convenience store for some snax? I'm fuckin starving."
Dave: "Word."
#munchies #scooby snacks #yum yums #24hr maccas #food
by Shogun Yeti July 13, 2009
A basterdization of "W.T. Snax". He appears to be the keeper of 4chan.org's /b/ imageboard.
"Hey, Snax, unban me? ;o"
by Irne May 09, 2005
a better way of saying sex
lets have snax in my condominium
#sex #condom #food #snacks #junk food #condominium #snax
by butterknights January 26, 2010
the lazyman's way to spell "snacks" on the internet. on top of being the lazy way, it's also the cool way, since the 1990's have taught us that X is the coolest (though mostly useless) letter in the english alphabet.
X-treme punk1: d00d!!!! let'z git sum SNAX!!!

X-treme punk2: YEAH! sum fukkin doritos! X-TREME!
#snacks #lazy #grub #x #extreme
by tofubot September 04, 2006
a short truckie.
usually oblivious to the distain other co-workers have for him.
See: Vain(particularly with his hair)

See: Lazy
Look at that lazy snax not doin a thing again!

Look at all those snax takin a nap.
#truckie #lazy #worthless #sleep queens #fat
by jy October 19, 2005
Used in conjunction with the popular inter net acronym "OMG", and usually followed by a string of letter, numbers, and punctual characters.

If you are too stoned to write the whole phrase, it can be condensed into beak form. Like this. :-M
OMG BBQ STAX!!23@one1&eleven?:-em
by Fubster December 02, 2004
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