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the lazyman's way to spell "snacks" on the internet. on top of being the lazy way, it's also the cool way, since the 1990's have taught us that X is the coolest (though mostly useless) letter in the english alphabet.
X-treme punk1: d00d!!!! let'z git sum SNAX!!!

X-treme punk2: YEAH! sum fukkin doritos! X-TREME!
by tofubot September 04, 2006
Food that is inevitably consumed after getting stoned. Obviously a parody of the spelling s-n-a-c-k-s.
Gaz: "Hey after this 400th game of Fusion Frenzy and a few thousand games of DOA, do you wanna head to the convenience store for some snax? I'm fuckin starving."
Dave: "Word."
by Shogun Yeti July 13, 2009
A line of cocaine and crushed-up xanax.
"Snax is much better than 'kandy', which is ketamine and mandy. We are way cooler than lots of those lame-Os who do Kandy." Oli & Alex
by senecauk March 24, 2008
A basterdization of "W.T. Snax". He appears to be the keeper of 4chan.org's /b/ imageboard.
"Hey, Snax, unban me? ;o"
by Irne May 09, 2005
a better way of saying sex
lets have snax in my condominium
by butterknights January 26, 2010
a short truckie.
usually oblivious to the distain other co-workers have for him.
See: Vain(particularly with his hair)

See: Lazy
Look at that lazy snax not doin a thing again!

Look at all those snax takin a nap.
by jy October 19, 2005
Used in conjunction with the popular inter net acronym "OMG", and usually followed by a string of letter, numbers, and punctual characters.

If you are too stoned to write the whole phrase, it can be condensed into beak form. Like this. :-M
OMG BBQ STAX!!23@one1&eleven?:-em
by Fubster December 02, 2004