To slide your hand in a credit card like motion up a persons butt crack.
John casually walks up behind Debbie "What a beautiful day it is today Debbie, don't you think so? "SNARPS!" (hand slides up buttcrack)
by J & A Team October 12, 2011
Top Definition
When somebody sits in the bathtub for an extended period of time, and proceeds to fart and eat their bubbles.
Tony: "Wow Gary, you sure were in the bathtub for a while, were you jerking it?"
Gary: "No Tony, I was snarping."
by Robbie D October 03, 2005
When someone sneezes, burps and farts at the same time.
Megan: Woah, what was that noise?
Sophie: I don't know but it smells like something's died in here.
Bryony: Oh, my bad...I just snarped.
by hugepeginas October 23, 2011
a word that can have any meaning and can be used as any part of speech depending on the context. Adding a y on the end makes the word an adejective.
The crocodile was about to snarp your fingers off.
by anonymousperson77 August 11, 2011
n. A person who's entire well-being is centered around picking apart the minor mistakes, errors and inaccuracies of others. Another word for nit-picker.
Don't these snarps have anything better to do than police my spelling?
by sleerf August 10, 2011
The small likeable pet/mascot of the Thundercats. Although he rarely if ever participated in saving the day or triumphing over villians, he was well known for his kindhearted bumbling and comic relief, almost universally during the resolution of each episode. An inept speaker, he was only capable of uttering his own name over and over again, dragging the sylabols as long as possible.
Liono: Has anyone seen Snarp?

<rustling of pots and pans in the kitchen>

Snarp:<emerging with food on his face> Snnnnaaaarrrp.

Tigra: Looks like someone found the refreshments.

Group: hahahahaha
by standardApartmentComplex March 11, 2009
To poop in ones mouth during sexual activity
Joeseph snarpped in samanthas mouth during sex
by hesshole17 April 02, 2011
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