to drag one's balls across someone's face.
After John passed out he got snarkled by Ryan
#dirty snarkle #t-bag #blow job #hand job #alabama hot pocket
by SEHS Summer Crew July 15, 2010
Top Definition
To fart under water then catch the under-water fart bubble in your mouth. (Harder to do in shallow water but equally as rewarding)
Snarkling can involve your aquatic bum-bubbles or those of someone else.
I don't mind a bit of a snarkle in the pool. Or
Caitlin was snarkling yesterday, it was just wrong.
#snarkle #snarkling #fart #aqua fart #snarkel
by huddo April 01, 2008

A harsh, awkward laugh sounding like a cross between a giggle, cough, and snort.
The joke he told was so funny I snarkled.
#laugh #guffaw #snort #cough #giggle
by shameekwa September 02, 2009
the combination of doggie saliva and snot smeared against a car window or any other glass surface while pressing their face against said surface
My dogs make such a mess on the windows in my car with their snarkle that I hesitate to take them any place!
#dog saliva #dog snot #doggie window mess #dogs #mess #wet
by auroraprincess January 17, 2012
A condescending snarky chuckle
I couldn't help but snarkle when he asked for a bite of my cookie.
#snarky #chuckle #laugh #giggle #sarcastic
by Trebendy February 27, 2015
A dark Elmo committed to causing despair throughout the world. Often plays vicious pranks on children, like dumping small amounts of fine sand in their beds everyday.
"Hey Joe! Why did you soak all my clothes in cow blood?"
"It wasn't me bro! It was the Snarkle!"

Other common pranks include: putting salt in the sugar containers and vice-versa, eating all your cookies without your consent, tying you to your bed while you sleep, and putting anti-freeze in your drinks so you have violent seizures followed by paralysis and eventual kidney failure which almost always proves to be fatal as well as extremely painful.
#sparkle #spurk #spark #shurk #shmurk
by Cobra511 April 19, 2011
A gal from east troy named Bethany who happens to be very snarky.
Cool it Snarkles!
#snarky #snarkles #bethany #east troy #snark
by Steven Glandsberg Perry September 01, 2008
An attack on a peer or underling who had crossed the line one to many times. Intending to do harm in a fashion to prevent further incident. Almost certainly a lost word in the vocabulary of Eddie Haskel on Leave it to Beaver.
Hey Beav, if you don't knock that off I'm gonna snarkle ya!
#rough up #beat up #punch #kick #rough house
by Josheph B. Jacknife January 28, 2010
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