when u fart and then enough shit comes out to fill a 10 gallon pail and u will definitly need a new pair of pants even if they were black to begin with
god erik just snarfed
by vishnoo July 25, 2005
The nick-name of a man I live with. It was chosen because of its non-sensical meaning and because of its overall connotation of goofiness
Hey, snarf what's going on?

Snarf: Do you want to play with my PSP or see my big pipe?

No thanks, maybe later... but probably not.
by Fuzzy buns Mcgee May 09, 2005
slang word for a woman's genitalia; a vagina, a snatch, a cunt, a pussy
Snarf is a word my friend Jason and I started using back in 1988. We were reading a "bio" for a Playmate in a Playboy when we thought we saw the word snarf in there. We started referring to a pussy as a snarf. I think the word we actually saw was snatch, but snarf sounded more funny at the time.
by HotScott May 17, 2004
A snarf can be a guy or girl. It is someone who places their head in the toliet after a female has gone to the bathroom.
That chick didn't flush, so being the snarf that I am, I ran in there and shoved my head in the toliet.
by Dan the Man February 23, 2005
To rub your face into a kitten, puppy or other furry creature's face or body fluff. Sometimes to the degree of eliciting a snarf back from said creature.
I need to snarf that kitteh

That pup looks like it wants a snarfing
by Gangsta son May 31, 2016
During the 1950's and 1960's, a Snarf was a guy that sniffed girls bicycle seats.
Sometimes we would sneak around at night putting pepper on girl's bicycle seats to trick the Snarfs.
by Yucaipadave June 11, 2016
Old man who sniffs little girls bicycle seats on hot days.
Look at that old guy snarfing that bike seat. Gee it's hot today.
by Rod Gizinya April 18, 2016
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