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A word spoken in frustration or for no reason at all. Usually preceeded by a hrrrmm or a mmm and spoken in an alien voice.
Ryan: Tara go do that Shit.

Tara: hrrrrmm...snarf snarf...
by Tara the G June 23, 2005
a slang with singular meaning to work as an exclamation point or to enhance the definitive nature of a statement or response Snarf.

1 snarf fuel injection
2 snarfs turbo boost! snarf snarf
Hey Jay, did you get with that chick from the other nite.

I gave her the "o" face for 4 hours snarf snarf.....
by Maibig Toeishairy January 30, 2008
Its the noise someone that someone greedy makes while eating a Popsicle
I could hear the snarf snarf noises coming from mew two all the way from the other room...
by gengar76 January 17, 2010
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