Snap dragon is a term that is used simultaneously with "SNAP". This is an example of excitement and/or surprise. Usually, it is used when talking of Slytherin.
Brian : "Kenn, can you see that old lady outside of Slytherin?"

Kenn : "OH Snap dragon!"
by My Dad May 26, 2006
Top Definition
Snapdragons is a game where the players attempt to snatch raisins out of a bowl filled with brandy thats lit on fire.
While playing snapdragons try not to get burnt.
by jpg3 November 24, 2011
A large, bulbous, vagina-shaped tropical plant. A fully mature Snapdragon features several rows of razor-sharp teeth, a flowery pink lip structure, and squirts a fiery discharge upon stimulation.
"Please water my Snapdragon while I'm gone. Not with your penis."
by Dark Chocolate V2 September 23, 2012
1.v. A sexual act in which a man who is being orally pleasured gives no indication of his impending orgasm. As he reaches climax, he places his hands behind his partners head, shoves his cock to the back of her throat, and screams the word snap-dragon. Cum then, in theory, comes out of her nose.
2.v. The ultimate break up move.
by Ben Oviatt March 28, 2005
snap dragon is the name for your penis when it is tucked into your waistband vertically and the head (or more) hangs out like some sort of dragon.
I was the only one home when i got up this morning, so i got ready for school in my boxers with my snap dragon.
by therealXIII September 07, 2009
A vagina.
Example 1:
"Release that snap dragon"-Alex

Example 2:
"Let me see that snap dragon... A little gamy but it works."-Charlie
by blinkapril June 03, 2010
When you fart and it hurts so bad it feels like a cluster of grapes just busted in your ass
"oh man! i had a snap dragon so bad yesterday it felt like i farted out a claw hammer!"
by rhyzz_m March 18, 2009
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