The funnyest guy alive.
aww shut the fuck up snap and complaining!!
by Kee December 30, 2004
Joe snapped it 3 times yesterday.
by snappy mc snap snap December 14, 2002
oh know not i cant belive i did that
oh snaps i spilled my drink on my new top
by syl June 21, 2005
A message sent on popular app snapchat.
"See you bro, hey snap me later."
by A very clever Jude January 12, 2015
A group of red heads or gingers. Can also refer to a red heads group of ginger friends. From "Ginger Snap."
1. "Look at that Snap over there!"
2. "If you mess with a Ginger they will send their Snap after you."
by Beanandick January 12, 2015
SENSITIVE NEW-AGED PRICK. Dudes who are all emo about shit but are pricks anyway and just use being emo to cover it up.
"Dude was such a S.N.A.P. he like was all sensitive that I got upset about something and was a dick but pretended he was being nice and sweet."
by ZennerThanUR December 27, 2014
A selfish, narcissistic, arrogant person.
Person 1: Dang, he's such a SNAP.
Person 2: ikr, fucking dipshit.
SNAP: Yeah, what a huge dick.
by alldongersraised November 28, 2014

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