The funnyest guy alive.
aww shut the fuck up snap and complaining!!
by Kee December 30, 2004
Joe snapped it 3 times yesterday.
by snappy mc snap snap December 14, 2002
oh know not i cant belive i did that
oh snaps i spilled my drink on my new top
by syl June 21, 2005
A short joke, quick line, phrase or saying that you use frequently.
When someone uses one of my lines or jokes, without giving me credit. I tell them not to steal my snaps.
by Mysterray October 27, 2015
A short nap. A snooze / nap
When I want my daughter to take a short nap I tell her time for a snap
by Findmap August 22, 2015
Any number of gangsters or punk kids, who would rather kill you than have anything to do to you. Often recognizable by their vintage snapbacks.
"Dude, let's cross the street here. There's a sick movie I want you to see."
"Hold up, man. There's a bunch of snaps over there. Let's go to the theater around the corner instead."
by Whalekid June 04, 2015
To say something clever or sweet in a rap.
"Did you heat caskeys new song? He snapped"
by Ig@dristinn April 18, 2015

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