An adjective that can be used to expressed the goodness or coolness of an object or experience.
"Those shoes are so snap." or "That basketball game was snap."
by Andrew Webber February 25, 2003
The funnyest guy alive.
aww shut the fuck up snap and complaining!!
by Kee December 30, 2004
Joe snapped it 3 times yesterday.
by snappy mc snap snap December 14, 2002
oh know not i cant belive i did that
oh snaps i spilled my drink on my new top
by syl June 21, 2005
The glorious combination of a good snuggle and a nap.
Hey baby, let's snap until dinner time.
by Skevinator January 11, 2016
"Snap" is an archaic term occasionally used in the North of England as a synonym for "Lunch".
"Where are we going for Snap today?"
"What's in your Snap tin?"
by Didsy92 December 28, 2015
A short joke, quick line, phrase or saying that you use frequently.
When someone uses one of my lines or jokes, without giving me credit. I tell them not to steal my snaps.
by Mysterray October 27, 2015

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