To be upset or angry.
Awwwww Snap.
by J-Weezy September 27, 2003
This is a word that is an acronym for four names, and it also defines a group of four individuals, guys, who own this certain group known as rpan, composed of four females, also using the acronym system with their names. S*N*A*P continually is the victor over rpan, day after day, month after month. Snap is an amazing group, composed of amazing guys who sweep all the lovey ladies off their feet. Ah snap! This definition is soo done
the ladies: "OH MY GOD, here comes SNAP. Should we talk to them? Can we talk to them???
by s-dizzle fo rizzle March 03, 2005
To beat someone's ass
I snapped that guy because he owed me money.
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
Somebody who is bouty or who you don't like.
Gurl 1: So is you trying to say you kissed my boyfriend?!
Gurl 2:Sorry but, yea.
Gurl 1: Uh gurl don't talk to me no more you lil' SNAP!
by J.Ball June 22, 2005
SNAP is a pitiful group owned, dominated, and bows down to RPAN.
normal: Propel, a Coca Cola Company
SNAP, a RPAN production
by p of a hot clan March 04, 2005
Used as an exclamation of derision or sarcasm after an insult meant to hurt.
"You're a fucking idiot!"
"Oh, well snaps for you."
by paranoir27 September 01, 2006
An expression of fear or fright. The sound a pencil makes if it were between your butt cheeks and you clenched them so tightly it "snapped" in half.
You're a passenger in a car with a reckless driver.

You: (after narrowly not dying) "SNAP!"
by zen611 October 11, 2005
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