the act of beating someones ass
im about to snap your ass
by joe May 09, 2003
The brilliant remark made by even more brilliant foreigners who usually have difficulty speaking english. This word is followed by a wrist/finger movement which makes a snaping noise - a word yelled out by homosexuals after something funny has been said
person 1 "man my ass hurts"
person 2 "probably from all the cock that penetrates that mother fucker!"
person 3 "snap" snapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnap

person 1 and 2 " stop that you gay fuck I'm gonna fucking molest your children! GODDAMN foreigner... you aren't cool get a job! little bitch. Go back to arabia and suck my dick! I hate you... but I still want to penetrate you in ways you can't possibly understand due to religious implications"
by blippo October 05, 2005
a reaction to some person who got diced on some way or O snap BiAtch you got diced.....nothing to do withsex
O Snap you got diced!
by BJ February 22, 2005
To be upset or angry.
Awwwww Snap.
by J-Weezy September 27, 2003
This is a word that is an acronym for four names, and it also defines a group of four individuals, guys, who own this certain group known as rpan, composed of four females, also using the acronym system with their names. S*N*A*P continually is the victor over rpan, day after day, month after month. Snap is an amazing group, composed of amazing guys who sweep all the lovey ladies off their feet. Ah snap! This definition is soo done
the ladies: "OH MY GOD, here comes SNAP. Should we talk to them? Can we talk to them???
by s-dizzle fo rizzle March 03, 2005
To beat someone's ass
I snapped that guy because he owed me money.
by Anonymous March 11, 2003

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