another for doing a line of speed (or cocaine)
you want a snap, i got one lined right up for you?
by me. October 25, 2003
SNAP - 1.) (Noun) The act of Sex and a Nap. 2.)(Verb) To have Sex and a Nap.
"I feel great! All we did on vacation was have SNAPs, and get massages."

"Just a lazy Sunday. We SNAPPED all day."
by Controlacorp August 28, 2007
Another code word for cocaine or the act of sniffing cocaine. Meaning, cocaine "snaps" you into place quickly.
You got anymore snaps? Can I get a quick snap.
by Da Skrill June 23, 2006
Ingenuity in style(usu. of dress); to be fashionably original.
"Damn son, home boy's got snaps for rockin that tweed jacket with those high tops"
"Bitch aint got no snaps-Look at them eskimo boots!"
by Paulrus March 13, 2006

In our world tho' the word snap is used to describe when someone yells at someone and says alotta bullshit like I did wit' my ex when he was lyin' sayin' I gave him head, ya the fuck right I did! Damn lyin' ass. Or it could mean that u just overdid somethin' in a good way like if u sang a song really really well, u'll be like: "Damn she fuckin' snapped!"
"What the fuck!? I heard ur goin' 'round sayin' all this muthafuckin' bullshit that I fuckin' gave u fuckin' head!? I ur fuckin' ex, not ur fuckin' sista or mom, that u can fuckin' talk shit 'bout 'cause u kno' dem, u don't fuckin' kno' me bitch! Does it look like I fuckin' got down on my knees, took u pants off and put yo dick' in my fuckin' mouth, no da fuck I didn't u lil pussy ass bitch!...ect" -Gracie.

A friend: "Damn she snaped on his ass!..."
by Gracie May 16, 2004
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