snap is the only way to say everything in one word doesnt matter what it means its just perfect.
did you just ask jessy out and get knock back.
snap that was nasty
by heatale September 08, 2003
to do quickly; do now
Yo, son, get the llello ... (homes contines to sit playing Xbox) ... son, llello, snap nigga.
by t les April 30, 2003
That new polymorphic function is snap!
by Bungalow Bill October 02, 2001
someone who is TOO addicted to cigarettes and/or a drug, and constantly bothers you to do it.
snap: "hey man lets blaze up an L"
you: "naw im cool with that"
snap:"come one man dont you wanna get high?"
you: "get away from me you fucking snap"

snap: "hey let me get a cigarette"
you: "you just chain smoked 2 packs shut the fuck up"
snap: "come on man you got a whole pack let me get a cigarette"
you: "quit being a fucking snap before i beat the shit out of you"
by silentscope April 05, 2008
adds on to a insult and make them fell
your momma oooo snap!!
by biggie smalls101 August 15, 2007
a small amount of weed that can be smoked by one person taking one large hit, preferably from the bong
I got pretty fucked up off that snap.
I've only got enough left for a few snaps.
by rrecliner July 02, 2006
Family appropriate substituion for Sh-t or f--k
Your goin down muther snapper!

Snappin-A man! Snappin-A!

Look at yourself in the mirror man. Your one snapped up muther snapper!

Snap off man!

You can go Snap yourself!

by Billy H May 05, 2006
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