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someone who is TOO addicted to cigarettes and/or a drug, and constantly bothers you to do it.
snap: "hey man lets blaze up an L"
you: "naw im cool with that"
snap:"come one man dont you wanna get high?"
you: "get away from me you fucking snap"

snap: "hey let me get a cigarette"
you: "you just chain smoked 2 packs shut the fuck up"
snap: "come on man you got a whole pack let me get a cigarette"
you: "quit being a fucking snap before i beat the shit out of you"
by silentscope April 05, 2008
1 8
Prison slang for a pedophile.
That fucking snap's gonna get his due after lights out!
by Randomarrow October 22, 2006
5 12
a small amount of weed that can be smoked by one person taking one large hit, preferably from the bong
I got pretty fucked up off that snap.
I've only got enough left for a few snaps.
by rrecliner July 02, 2006
9 16
Family appropriate substituion for Sh-t or f--k
Your goin down muther snapper!

Snappin-A man! Snappin-A!

Look at yourself in the mirror man. Your one snapped up muther snapper!

Snap off man!

You can go Snap yourself!

by Billy H May 05, 2006
2 9
Ingenuity in style(usu. of dress); to be fashionably original.
"Damn son, home boy's got snaps for rockin that tweed jacket with those high tops"
"Bitch aint got no snaps-Look at them eskimo boots!"
by Paulrus March 13, 2006
5 12
Commonly used by south african negroes meaning "holy shit"
Oh snap that niggers on crack
by JACkl February 26, 2005
3 10
snap is used to describe someone smoking marijuana.
1. a.let's snap
b. ya dude lets smoke a lotta herb
by Keller Coulter January 14, 2005
9 16