an integer typically used when someone wished to "shut down" another person; insult someone by snapping of the figers and saying the word "snap".
"oh no you didn't!"
"SNAP!, yes i did"
by Timma April 15, 2004
1. a sharp noise
2. a card game in which the players try to win all the cards by snapping on two of the same card
3. a code-word for when a man uses his fingers to pleasure a lady. Used with cards, solitaire, spit
Let's play us some snap, baby...
by Katie March 30, 2004
ok well its the same thing as jelly bracelets. so some ppl ware snaps cuze they mean things like sexual things (bule-bj/ yellow-hug/ red-lap dance/ black-sex/ pink-hickey) but some people were them cuze well they just do ...those are the ppl that dont no wat they mean or even if they did no wat they mean they act like they dont no wat they mean and they dont let ppl snap there bracelets. ok i have like ten braclets and no1 tries to snap them cuze most ppl dont even no wat they meen. and even if some1 were too snap one i wood just joke around about i wood not do whatever it meens.(unless it was hug i meen who wood not do hug)and i no like one or maybe two ppl that wood actualy do it and they told me that they wood only do yellow red and pink . thats it so yea people need too clam down about it cuze its not really that bad .
snaps are beast
by littlebitchfucker123 July 26, 2010
To bend a man's penis, most likely by hitting it. Can also result in hitting the testicles.
I just snapped Bryan so hard. He's really angry now!
by Max van Mesdag June 06, 2007
Expression used by dillholes trying desperately and unsuccessfully to sound cool.
Oh, snap! The orc pickpocketed my bag of holding +5! Please pass the dildo, so that I may use it on my own ass.
by NickFu January 22, 2007
Snap is also a music genre it's familiar to crunk but its more ' chill ' less beat...
snap is like ;
dem franchise boyz - lean with it rock with it
D4L - shake that laffy taffy
by ThugPassion October 25, 2006
To come to the understanding or realization or become enlightened to something.
Fortunately, she had enough patients to kept explaining the problem until I finally snapped and got the right answer.
by Dr. Awesomness February 04, 2006

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