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a word usually used to express anger. if ateacher assigns homework, "snap!" also used to show surprise.
Your mom says yur goin to the desert for christmas "snap!!"
by brianthedrummer October 01, 2005
1 4
To insult someone in a humorous manner.
Also referred to as clowning, joaning, or carrying.
"Oh you snapping? Ya momz so fat she leaves footprints on the sidewalk."
by Olskoolrule May 25, 2004
13 16
1) whatever
2) props
3) burn
1) "She dumped me for my brother?? Snap!"
2) "Dude, Joe rented everyone a limo for Prom! Snap!"
3) "Oooh, Tony just totally got you! Snap!"
by Vogdsey November 15, 2003
17 20
To go off on someone verbally.
Someone got on my badside and it became hell for that person.
by Saints October 03, 2003
7 10
short for the term snapper, of or relating to pussy.
I'm gonna get me some snap tonight.
by Jason P May 11, 2003
10 13
An interjection used instead of saying i told you so
"I bet spongebob squarepants will go jellyfishing in the next episode"
TV: Next on spongebob squarepants, spongebob goes jellyfishing
"Oh snap! I knew he was going to!"
by Molizz-ol April 24, 2003
3 6
1. a comedic way of insulting someone in such a manner that they may still sleep with you.

2. syn. for "Damn, I know I just didn't"
BOY: "These other definitions are retarded. And you're a sketchy whore."

GIRL: "I know you just didn't"

BOY: "Oh, snap!"
by kenny October 23, 2002
3 6