cutting in line

in skateboarding/snowboarding
Taking someone else's turn on the jump/rail/pipe etc
Bob; dude im gonna front board 270 that rail
joe: hurry up broski! its your turn! go or your gonna get snaked!!!!!!
by Tahoe Bob February 09, 2008
Top Definition
To get stabbed in the back or be generally
screwed over by someone
1.That fucker just snaked me.
2.I though he could be trusted but he
snaked me.
by camman March 18, 2005
Stole or stolen.

(syn. Ganked, Snatched)
- "I just snaked that dude's wallet."

- "Yo' shit just got snaked!"
by Youlikethetasteofsteel? August 06, 2006
When you begin to hook up with a girl for the first time and she is hesitant about grabbing your penis. In order to brake the tension you pull it out and slap her on the leg with it.
1. Ryan totally snaked Christina but she wasn't having any of it.

2. Yea I was making out with this girl for almost an hour and finally I snaked her...and she loved it
by F. Wallace March 13, 2010
Cutting off anybody on the hill either keeping somebody from performing a trick in the park or going off a jump. Usually occus after a couple of beers have been consumed. Snaking is usually followed by high fives from other on-looking friends.
Just snaked ya bro!!!
by cynical-sally January 11, 2011
A malicious act of lunch cutting wherein an acquaintance or friend (but not a total stranger) makes a successful play for your beau, fully aware that you had first dibbs. usually undertaken when you haven't arrived at the party yet or are too off your face to notice.
ROSA: so she said she hooked up with Marchie last weekend

ETA: mole! she knows that boy's mine!

ROSA: yeh she snaked you babz
by ETAROSA August 01, 2008
Removing an object too fast during anal sexual activity that causes the person receiving to deficate.
Much like a plumber "snakes" a drain.
Last night, while fucking Jayme in the ass, I snaked her. She blasted a shit nugget across the room, and it stuck to the mirror.
by gerbilmuncher March 29, 2011

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