the result of accidentally defecating one's self whilst wearing thong underwear. (see also: smt)
I was laughing so hard that I crapped myself and my thong created a snake tongue.
by Anon123432123 July 06, 2009
Top Definition
the deformation of a stream of urine (usually split in half like a snake's tongue) caused by a prior masturbation session, that has allowed the semen to dry inside of the urethra. usually accompanied by a surprised look from the pisser.
n00dles: brb bathroom

clam: okey

n00dles: awww fuck, I snake tongued

by ogsclam August 12, 2010
when you roll a blunt so packed it looks a bit green (this doesnt really matter, the snake tongue bit is at the end so it can be a joint too), then you twist the end and split it in to two bits of paper and roll them up to make it look like a snake tongue.
make a snaketongue, take a pic of it and post it on here. thanks :)
by TigerBass August 31, 2011
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