The remnants of post cum and vaginal juices in your underwear after having sex.
My girlfriend knew I was cheating after she noticed the snail trail in my underwear.
#cum #mess #vaginal juice #after fx #wet hammock
by Pokey the Clown March 09, 2007
When a female wipes off her vagina juices on to her hand, then smears it down her lover's face.
Guy 1: "Do you like getting snail trails?"

Guy 2: "Sure do. I love my face getting wet with vagina juice!"
#sex position #vagina #funny #sexual #bodily fluid
by jaam121388 December 04, 2010
The drip coming out of peoples noses when they're snorting cocaine.
The snail trail is ost often seen with the bridge and tunnel crowd at clubs in NYC or Long Island.
#drip #snot #junk #blow #yayo
by snail539 October 02, 2009
a trail left on the foil after freebasing oxy or black tar
my snail trail is longer than yours.
#snail trailing #snails #cookies #monster #green beans
by katinka. September 08, 2009
In the dorms its used to refer to the trail from door to door that a promiscuous girl/women leaves behind as she makes her rounds.
just follow her snail trail and you can see she slept with the whole 3rd floor
#trail #route #path #making the rounds #door to door
by Ya Fahva November 05, 2006
A woman takes a long time getting from point A to point B, therefore leaving 1 or more gentlemen on hold.
My lady friend said she had to pee before leaving. It took about 10 minutes for her to finally show. Slow as a snail trail I would say.
#slow #frustration #women #come on #give me a break
by Mayack419 April 10, 2010
A man who has a thin strip of hair from his belly-button to his pubic region. Also known as treasure trail, or highway to heaven.
Oh my god, did you see the snail trail on him?

I was foolin' around with Brad last night, and he had a fuckin' snail trail, I was like - eeew!
by Mr. Merge May 27, 2005
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