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A trail of pussy goo that is transferred to the thighs of your pants whilst recieving a lap dance.
Oh shit! Brooke's gonna know I went to the strip bar, my freakin pants have snail trails!
by Bobberto January 28, 2006
traces of spooge left on bedsheets or in dark colored boxer shorts
"That asshole slept in my bed and left snail trails!"
by Hank McCain September 17, 2003
term used to describe a wet patch on a bed after sexual intercourse, normally after the woman has sat upright on the side of her bed.
the loose bitch left a snail trail all over my bed after i fucked her brains out last night.
by ratman September 02, 2003
A wet, mucousy streak left in a womens underwear after a hot sweaty day (the stage before it turns to panty crust)
Val had a nasty snail trail in her panties today....hahaha
by Barny July 09, 2003
When a female wipes off her vagina juices on to her hand, then smears it down her lover's face.
Guy 1: "Do you like getting snail trails?"

Guy 2: "Sure do. I love my face getting wet with vagina juice!"
by jaam121388 December 04, 2010
The remnants of post cum and vaginal juices in your underwear after having sex.
My girlfriend knew I was cheating after she noticed the snail trail in my underwear.
by Pokey the Clown March 09, 2007
Aussie slang for snail track
Tracey did the splits and left a snail trail.
by mick mott January 02, 2009