The glistening trail left behind after a man pulls his penis out of a woman's vagina and he runs his penis on the woman. Usually after ejaculation as the penis softens and looks like a snail.
I was banging Anne last night and after I came I pulled out and gave her a snail trail on her stomach.
by Dr. Topher August 09, 2015
when a woman wearing no clothing slides along something that makes contact in the crotch region leaving behind a trail comprised by fluids of sorts
The stripper left a snail trail on my leg!
by Billithy July 22, 2008
A trail of pussy goo that is transferred to the thighs of your pants whilst recieving a lap dance.
Oh shit! Brooke's gonna know I went to the strip bar, my freakin pants have snail trails!
by Bobberto January 28, 2006
traces of spooge left on bedsheets or in dark colored boxer shorts
"That asshole slept in my bed and left snail trails!"
by Hank McCain September 17, 2003
The trail left behind after a member of society with the X and Y chromosomes drags his balls across any surface promptly leaving a trail of grease
The grease could be as gross as ball sweat or as harmless as water
Jill: Erika did you hear about what happened to Mary!

Erika: Yeah, I did while she was passed out the guys got together and left a massive Snail Trail across her face

Jill: Ugh, the guys are so immature this is why i have a dildo.
by Hanry&Vlad January 07, 2012
term used to describe a wet patch on a bed after sexual intercourse, normally after the woman has sat upright on the side of her bed.
the loose bitch left a snail trail all over my bed after i fucked her brains out last night.
by ratman September 02, 2003
A wet, mucousy streak left in a womens underwear after a hot sweaty day (the stage before it turns to panty crust)
Val had a nasty snail trail in her panties today....hahaha
by Barny July 09, 2003
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