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One who lacks cerebal activitiy, and advise people to visit centercom computers when he has no clue. Also know as Sewerpeople.
Yo, Snagler my cd-rom is broken! what do i do?
Snagles says "Take it to centercom it happens all the time here, and we just sent it to centercom!"
by SpeKtra September 23, 2005
2 1
to poop on your partners face
Do you want to snagle when i get home?
by E. Bear January 21, 2009
25 14
1. A female that is of poor breed. often found around closing time at the bars.

2. to snag some tail. often done by trolling at the bars.
yeah picked up a snagle last night! now my dick burns and can't look at myself in the mirror.
by theodore riehl January 29, 2010
5 6
Irregularity in a uniform object.
Like a kink or twist or snag
That wire has a snagle in it
by Andrew July 27, 2004
4 14