awesome food that you eat when you are hungry...snackfood of a delicious variety
I'm hungry, let's grab some snackycakes...synonym to noms

Damn, who ate all the snackycakes!
by Scrawnz April 24, 2010
Top Definition
A snack eaten in South Park, presumably by Eric Cartman. Also see beefy logs, cookie dings, and cheesy poofs.
"Mmm, Snacky Cakes!"
by Mad Walrus August 06, 2002
this term refers to any manner of snack cakes. most popularly, these come in the form of various 'little debbie' brand creations not limited to 'zebra cakes', 'fancy cakes', and the ever-present 'swiss cake rolls'
Snackycakes are the cornerstone of any nutritious diet.
by Smellican October 14, 2005
eric cartman's favorite treat on an offensive TV show called South Park
it appears on comedy central on every wednesday at 9
it is two pop tarts, a stick of melted butter all covered in cocoa powder (a.k.a. your fat) and sugar
mom can you make me a snacky cake? please mom? damnit mom kity is trying to eat my pot pie. well i know a certain kitty who is sleeping with mommy tonight.
by stan marsh July 24, 2004
a baby made between a male and a female in college who are clearly very hungry and have nothing better to do than reproduce. like bunnies, duh,
"snacky cakes, snacky cakes!"

brit: "did you see cozy and mitch's baby?"
sofia: "yeah, what's his name?"
brit: "snacky cakes! they were hungry"
by the cat's meow! November 02, 2010
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