When during a drunken eating binge, the situation goes terribly awry...
Schultz,"Dude, what happened to your couch?"

Chris, "Sarah was all fucked and she had a Snackcident, she spilled chili all over the place..."

Schultz, "Damn! that blows, were you pissed?"

Chris, "Na, you know Sarah, she is very Snackcident prone.."
by Edgar666 November 23, 2009
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1. various snacks that one buys in preparation for a long car ride in case traffic-causing automotive accidents delay their opportunity to snack.
"Ah, man I'm starving! But this accident is leaving the freeway so congested!"

"Don't worry bro, I brought snackcidents! Trailmix anyone?"
by submonkeys August 14, 2012
Accidentally eating more food than was originally desired.
"I got so hungry waiting for the pizza guy that I ate a whole bag of chips. I guess I had a little snackcident."
by Case-Sensitive March 15, 2009
Having an accident while attempting to serve and/or eat snacks.
Bar Patron: Do you have any snacks?
Bartender: Sure. (Starts to scoop snacks and spills them all over the bar and behind the bar).
Restaurant Server: (walking by) Oops, looks like you had a snackcident!
by Server girl September 08, 2009
an abscondance from diet sentence going over the Wall's (sausages) or (icecreams)
"cream cake betty i thought you where on a diet" , "oh i know looks like i've had myself another Snack-cident"
by Alex Inwood July 25, 2003

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