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Accidentally eating more food than was originally desired.
"I got so hungry waiting for the pizza guy that I ate a whole bag of chips. I guess I had a little snackcident."
by Case-Sensitive March 15, 2009
1. various snacks that one buys in preparation for a long car ride in case traffic-causing automotive accidents delay their opportunity to snack.
"Ah, man I'm starving! But this accident is leaving the freeway so congested!"

"Don't worry bro, I brought snackcidents! Trailmix anyone?"
by submonkeys August 14, 2012
When during a drunken eating binge, the situation goes terribly awry...
Schultz,"Dude, what happened to your couch?"

Chris, "Sarah was all fucked and she had a Snackcident, she spilled chili all over the place..."

Schultz, "Damn! that blows, were you pissed?"

Chris, "Na, you know Sarah, she is very Snackcident prone.."
by Edgar666 November 23, 2009
When you haven been planning on eating but you accidentally do.
I was walking pass my kitchen, minding my own business when I slipped and fell with my open mouth into box of donuts.
Tim, "where's my donuts?"
Monika, " I had a little snackcident "
by Montheweasel December 19, 2015
Having an accident while attempting to serve and/or eat snacks.
Bar Patron: Do you have any snacks?
Bartender: Sure. (Starts to scoop snacks and spills them all over the bar and behind the bar).
Restaurant Server: (walking by) Oops, looks like you had a snackcident!
by Server girl September 08, 2009
an abscondance from diet sentence going over the Wall's (sausages) or (icecreams)
"cream cake betty i thought you where on a diet" , "oh i know looks like i've had myself another Snack-cident"
by Alex Inwood July 25, 2003
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