Word for a pedophile to use to describe young girls zipped up in sleeping bags.
Man Steve said his daughter is having a camp out in their backyard. Just think of all those snack wraps around the fire.
by Snipedog22 March 12, 2012
Top Definition
alt. spelling- snak wrap
A nickname for a child, youth or person of short stature. Can be used affectionatly or as an insult. Also a popular McDonalds menu item.
1.Yo, snack wrap, whats up?

2.You got a problem, snack wrap. I'll mess your midget ass up.
by betty soo October 08, 2007
Latest McDonald's convention to rip off customers $1.49 at a time.
Customer: One snack wrap please
Employee: $1.49 please
by PornSoldier June 28, 2007
The act of a girl wrapping her legs around a guy/girls head while being eaten out!
"I had the best snack wraps with her!"
by ernieTorphan February 18, 2012
Someone who can provide emotional and physical security for a period of time before getting into a serious relationship. It's more than a cuddle buddy since it is more intimate than that, but less than friends with benefits since their is no sex involved. A snack wrap can eventually evolve into a relationship, but not necessarily.
I don't want a boyfriend, I just want a Snack Wrap!
by imbored389 February 04, 2011
A guy who get's hit on by alot of girls.
If a guys at a party, and all the girls attention is on him.

Boy 1: Dude, all those girls are hitting on him.
Boy 2: i know, he's such a snack wrap.
by bamawise January 24, 2011
A synonym for Condom
Jim: Oh yea, this is great!
Jill: Wait Jim, Are you using a snack wrap, I don't want to get pregnant!
Jim: I'l go put one on, I always cum prepared!
by Derek and Drew November 05, 2008
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