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otherwise known as a snack bar; however shack sounds much more efficient.
hey you wanna go get some food?
yeah, where do you wanna go?
To the snack shack, duh
by wesamillion August 21, 2010
Someone who is weak in strength and or fruity in a homosexual way
1. "What are you gonna do snackshack?"

2. "Todd stop talking about women we all know your a snackshake"
by Leon Lawliet November 19, 2007
A being who is fat and annoying and will not for the life of it do something useful with themselves...
Hey!!! shut it SnackShack ! before i gut you with my toes !!
by Scytheeagle October 18, 2009
Eating pussy: as in going on down to the snack shack. "My wife was mad at me, so she sent me to the snack shack!
I just got done snack shacking my girl.
by Snack shack August 26, 2014