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a mixture of two different foods of any choice eaten while having the munchies after smoking some weed. like if you take a bag of cereal and pour milk into it. or if you mix two different kinds of chips or anything weird like that.
i have the munchies like a bitch. go in the kitchen and whip up a mean ass snack pack.
by miss. stoner November 23, 2007
Getting your dick sucked by a midget with down syndrome while drinking a forty and getting a rim job from an old asian prostitute.
dude 1 :yo nigga word up chillin wit vic last nite, went home hooked up a snack pack wit jane and kim ju.

dude 2 : you dumbass cracker that lil down syndrome hoe jane gave dat nigga carl herpes.
by bennypotsmoker March 05, 2007
the warm, wet, tasty middle of a woman
me and my boys go to the club to get the snack pack
by daniel cramblit January 19, 2006
a combination of a john hoard ass kicking and wholesome pudding goodness
im so tired from kicking johns ass i think im gonna grab a nice refreshing snack pack!
by crazybastard February 19, 2003