A short, fine-looking honey...Usually between 4'10" to 5'3" tall. Has it all...Pretty face, nice rack, and a phat ass....all in a nice, compact package. What more could you want???
I was at the mall the other day, and this fine lookin snack pack came rollin' up with this fine-ass little package. If I'm not careful I might break that shit in half.
by Sajak315 February 28, 2006
A man (any race) who gets bummed by other men without any sexual favors in return. Generally he is open to servicing all races (brown and white pudding).
Jared is a total snack pack. He had a group of 4 men of various races run train on his ass. They left his pudding hole as a snack pack.
by Definitely not Gooch April 14, 2013
The opposite of a six pack; a gut or beer belly.
"Dude, did you see the snack pack on that guy?"

"A what?"

"That fat fucking belly."
by The Lawls November 08, 2008
Popularized by the rap group ExMortis, a snackpack is when a woman (usually someone's mother) performs analingus on the rectum of the man while he defecates.
"My ass become a vortex and began to spit faster;
yo mama's face became a national disaster area.
Makin' her face a little scarier,
and my colon drips all night, so you'd better beware"


"I ripped off my drawers, and spread my asscrack, and I made that nasty bitch make herself a snackpack"
by Dave The Dope Fiend May 04, 2007
When a man busts in a girls booty and makes her poop it out (While wearing a thong)into a cup then he licks the panties and proceeds to eat it.
"Baby tonight you're gonna give me a snackpack."
"Joe was very unsure of getting his first snackpack because he had been eating nothing but red meats, and Jenna had been eating nothing but Thai with loads or siracha."
by bustyybabyy January 07, 2015
The act of swabbing one's penis in snack pack pudding container, and than proceeding to enjoy vaginal sex. Sadly this can result in a deadly yeast infection A.K.A. a "soggy muffin".
"Yo bro, last night I gave some girl the snack pack, and she got a soggy muffin."
by Pirate Suite October 03, 2006
When a man and a woman are either having sex or just flirting (or anything in between)and the woman assumes a submissive position, most commonly on her knees, then the man jerks-off into the woman's mouth. The woman then swallows his load. Used as a code word in casual conversation and allows for secret requests while in public.
Howard snuck off to give Mary a snackpack at the party.
Blake and Kate laughed when discussing their last snackpack in front of friends.
by Razorblake33 July 27, 2006

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