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Is a sexual act wherein a male gets both of his testes into a woman's or man's mouth.
Me: She fit both my balls in her mouth. She must have been hungry!

Friend: Nothing like a snack pack for a hungry stomach.
by fartytoot March 08, 2011
The opposite of a six pack; a gut or beer belly.
"Dude, did you see the snack pack on that guy?"

"A what?"

"That fat fucking belly."
by The Lawls November 08, 2008
A short, fine-looking honey...Usually between 4'10" to 5'3" tall. Has it all...Pretty face, nice rack, and a phat ass....all in a nice, compact package. What more could you want???
I was at the mall the other day, and this fine lookin snack pack came rollin' up with this fine-ass little package. If I'm not careful I might break that shit in half.
by Sajak315 February 28, 2006
Popularized by the rap group ExMortis, a snackpack is when a woman (usually someone's mother) performs analingus on the rectum of the man while he defecates.
"My ass become a vortex and began to spit faster;
yo mama's face became a national disaster area.
Makin' her face a little scarier,
and my colon drips all night, so you'd better beware"


"I ripped off my drawers, and spread my asscrack, and I made that nasty bitch make herself a snackpack"
by Dave The Dope Fiend May 04, 2007
The act of swabbing one's penis in snack pack pudding container, and than proceeding to enjoy vaginal sex. Sadly this can result in a deadly yeast infection A.K.A. a "soggy muffin".
"Yo bro, last night I gave some girl the snack pack, and she got a soggy muffin."
by Pirate Suite October 03, 2006
When a man and a woman are either having sex or just flirting (or anything in between)and the woman assumes a submissive position, most commonly on her knees, then the man jerks-off into the woman's mouth. The woman then swallows his load. Used as a code word in casual conversation and allows for secret requests while in public.
Howard snuck off to give Mary a snackpack at the party.
Blake and Kate laughed when discussing their last snackpack in front of friends.
by Razorblake33 July 27, 2006
A perfectly sized plastic container filled with pudding, which is available in a large selection of flavors.
"That bitch is tripping, she can't have a Snack Pack of mine."
by Bobby Cemprola February 19, 2003