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The upper- front of a woman's chest, especially including her breast area, that is always a likely catch-all for food or beverage spillage when eating and drinking.
Elsa: Darn---I just dropped pizza all over my snack tray on this white blouse!

You: Better get a wad of paper towels and mop up, girl.
by Janfan May 25, 2010
Big boobs
That chick has some nice snack trays
by Jimmy P August 27, 2003
tig ole bigguns
"It's okay to all hooters knockers and sometimes snack trays." - Al Bundy
by Ejaculaxor September 24, 2008
A popular phrase local to the south-western area of Pennslyvania, specifically Pittsburgh, which describes the bosom of plenty a woman possesses. Basically, her tits, and specifically their perkiness and voluptuousness. Used mostly by local men, but in hair salons and local tavern culture 'burgh women have also been known to throw around this phrase.
Damn, look at the snack trays on that hot momma! I wanna grab me a nibble.

by Lizben December 01, 2007
See snizacktriznay

It's when you put four fingers (2 on each hand) in a bitches ass while banging her, once filthy you remove and and insert two in her mouth and two up her nose. Finally finish it off with a side of ranch (jizzle) on her cheek
Give that slizzy a snizacktriznay!!
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
See the definition for snizacktriznay
by Anonymous March 25, 2003

A big ole butt that stands out enough to want to put drink on it. Similar to a badunkadunk.
Damn look at the snack tray on that one!

I would love to put my drink on that snack tray.
by Jason Mat September 21, 2007
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