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To cuddle, kiss, awwwww and aaah over something. You get the urge to smush something when it is simply so adorable you can't think properly.

I adopted it when my dog would wag her tail and I'd just want to cuddle her, and I'd say, "awwwww you're so smushable!"
"Oh my god that puppy was so cute! I just wanted to smush it! Awwww the little smushy wushy gorgeous ickle thing!"
by Kawaii Pink December 01, 2007
42 89
it's me BITCH
I'm fucking Smush
fat native with long hair who resembles the Seneca legend the flying head and will be a juggalo till my very last breath
"Smush you silly fat skin you remind me of the flying head"
"Damn right"
by Smush July 24, 2004
14 61
(smu-ush)noun. a small amount.
Ex: I ate too much... I barely have a room for a smush of pie.

by Dyo March 26, 2008
64 113