a smush or smushes are people who walk very slowly while in front of people in a small place e.g. a shopping centre walkway.
angry shopper: 'i wish these smushes would the hurry the fuck up i got some shopping to do!'

angry shopper 2: 'i know, fucking smushes!'
by PlipandPlop July 27, 2006
Verb; To Smush. Smushing, Smushed.
A combination of the acts of blushing and smiling heavily.
Originaly inspired by the merging of 2 "emoticons" in MSN Messenger smushing is starting to make it's way into popular speech.
I was talking to this cute girl the other day and she gave me a great compliment, I couldn't stop smushing.
by Jordan June 11, 2004
Breeding with the use of lubrication.
After a romantic Saturday night dinner in the City, Christian invited Jonathan back to his apartment to Smush.
by murph45 February 12, 2010
The act of entering into someones mind non-forcibly,

and saying "Yo, whats up?"
Guy : "You get into my head its crazy"

Girl : "Correction, I smush, im not a violent person"
by Geoff-Fiona May 19, 2010
someone who looks like they ran into a wall. used to describe asian/azns. but NOT FILIPINOS!
"eww look at her flat nose!"
"duh shes a smush."
by bernadette v June 23, 2008
a boy/lad/ex boyfriend who you hate. Used for lads only. Another word for dickhead, wanker etc
I hate im the stupid smush!!
by x-sarah-x September 28, 2005
A term that describes how you are on a drunk night. Just totally oblivious of what is going on around him/her as well as forgeting what an idiot you were
John, you were a smush last night dude. You were talking to random people as well well being a creep
by your mom 12 February 17, 2009
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