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When a man hits someone (generally girlfriend) round the face with their cock.
I was smurfing my girlfriend the other day and i gave her a black eye.
Can also use I smurfed
by Marky B January 30, 2007
8 13
Surfing the web via Smart Phone. Especially when working for a company with a Web Washer.
Q: What have you gotten done at work today?

A: I've been Smurfing the local news, sports sites, Fark. So I've gotten a lot done. Work? Not really.
by john E Wad September 24, 2009
0 6
Guy 1: man, guess what i did last night?

Guy 2: What?

Guy 1: I Was Smurfing all over your sisters Blue ass fuckaaa...

Guy 2: Shit.....
by Madsiop March 27, 2008
2 10
To have sex with another organism Smurf style.
Smurf Style

I was smurfing Smurfette last night.
by Mecrobmaster April 17, 2009
0 11
Dressing up as a female smurf without any underwear and parading round foreign countries flashing your ball bag to unsuspecting Scandinavians while singing karaoke.
Will went smurfing at the weekend, it was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

I just saw Rutter smurfing to a crowd in a park in Sweden, they couldn't get enough of his hairy bollox.
by Yoric September 25, 2006
9 22
Can also be smurf, smurfed, smurfingly etc. Used instead of names, adjectives, and verbs to make sentences incoherent except to other "Smurf masters".

Language used by smurfs
That cack-head has pissed me off for the last time - That smurf has smurfed me off for the smurf smurf.
Smurfette - "You can smurf my smurf if you smurf"
by Miss Fire April 01, 2004
7 29
A cheesy dance that was popular in the late 80's
At the school dance, Tonya and I were smurfing all night!
by buttermymonkey July 27, 2002
9 35