The act of going out drinking purely to catch yourself a woman of small stature, 4'6" and less.
Dude that guy should just go Smurfing
by Naraic72 January 18, 2011
the act of hitting anothers face with your penis
i wanna smurf you
ok darling
by genghis khan March 17, 2003
high ranked csgo players that rekZ small knoob in silver
omfg another guy smurfing FML
by meatspinned May 19, 2016
Smurfing, the act of painting oneself blue then sneaking up on people and rubing your penis on them.
Chris thought smurfing was cool he once smurfed a lady so hard, i thought she was going to passout.
by jcwizzle September 10, 2016
the act of snorting crushed up blue adderall pills, which often leave the user with blue rings around their nose and blue snot
Dude A: Yo, you got some blue shit on your nose. Have you been smurfing?
by lexxilynxx June 24, 2014
The act of snorting bath salts for their psychedelic effects.


The psychedelic effect sometimes distorts visual perceptions, including color and size. This can cause the people around you to seem blue and tiny.
#1 Did you hear that that cannibal wasn't even smurfing? That fool was only high on pot, and he chewed on that motherfucker's face.

#2 I'm never smurfing again. I was tripping so hard last night I lost my shit. Plus, those salts fucked up my nose. I was blowing blood out of my nose all night long.
by F. Baggins III July 05, 2012
Gaming term: Entering your regular server under a different name so u can see whats going on without being recognized.

Commonly used by server admins and the like.
l4m3rtw4t: you cock sucking idiot i will spam as much as i like for i am a n00b
l4m3rtw4t: wwwwwwwww0000000wwwwwwwwdddddfkkkkkkk
Player1: Thats not a good idea
l4m3rtw4t: fuck you dick, i own you and will always
Player1 Signed As ADMIN
l4m3rtw4t: Shit
by Moggy006 June 14, 2004
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