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To complete a task under grueling circumstances.
I know its hard but if you ever want to get out of here, you better smurf it.

If I won't be able to take a sickday, I'll just have to smurfit.
by Xpndsprt August 08, 2006

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fuck it!
I don't wanna work today, smurf it!
by mufin man August 14, 2009
Spreading cocaine on a dildo (preferably blue) and repeatedly gouging your butt hole to get high.
Drew: I want to do this cocaine, but my nostrils ache, any ideas Wendy?

Wendy: Smurf-it.
by bradddddddddd January 02, 2008
The process of feeling ill, and or, going very pale, after excessive Drug intake. similar in meaning to Whitey
"I think she's gonna Smurfit"
by C.May June 26, 2004