1 (n) Pot, weed

2 (v) To smoke pot.

3 (adj) Pot-like
ie: Hey man, got some smurf?
ie: Smurf-Break!
ie: Dude, that shirt if smurfin' smurfy
by ctrl_alt_me January 27, 2004
hey man give me a smurf
by thomas oconnor November 01, 2003
Theyre blue because they never have sex. :^
It must really suck to be a smurf.
by sabas September 01, 2003
This word relates to a person who is acting close to the age of a 6 year old and cannot spell his/her name.
You dirty little SMURF, WTF I hope you get chopped up in a meat cutter, get your balls sliced off, and shoved up your A$$!!!
by Shedninja October 02, 2008
To give someone a blow job.
This slut ,Jen, gave Justin and Chalen both a smurf.
by Samsam May 29, 2005
To use a pool cue to mark the face of your opponent with blue cue chalk
I chalked the cue hardcore and then smurfed that ass right on the nose.
by legalese February 22, 2005
a word that can be used to substitute most other words.
1.Last night when we left the bar, she started smurfin me.
2.No smurfin way.
3.Are u smurfin serious.
4.Smurf yeah.
5.Oh, that is freaken smurf, that is freaken smurf.
by danny g. November 03, 2004

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