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1)v-to smurf; to perform sex;to fuck
2)n-a small blue entity whos race consists of 137,947.85 men and 1 woman
1) Dude, you got lucky last night? That is freakin Smurf.
2) Dude, as soon as we got out of the bar, she started smurfing me
by Karl Bohn April 07, 2004
7 13
Those little blue dudes that live in toadstools and beat up this randy old guy, even after he gave them one of his bitches to keep!
If I was to choke the shit out of a smurf, what colour would it turn?
by <*}}}}>< November 10, 2003
7 13
The best Utopia kingdom around.
Smurfs are better than Pansies
by Da Smurf August 19, 2003
2 8
Slang name for a policeman, especially an incompetent cop. Such as a state trooper.
That goddamn smurf gave me a ticket for going 56 on a 55 mile per hour zone when he obviously noticed that SUV driver passing some cars without using a turn signal.
by angry June 17, 2003
9 15
any little minded person in a blue uniform... lika cop. ..
yeah, 'tis been a fine party... until da smurfs showed up... playing friggin razzia-mazzia and so...
by Lisa June 16, 2003
2 8
An angry midget that fishes you in the face for no reason (look at fish)
that guy that fished me is a propa smurf
by george n ginga September 11, 2007
1 8
Silly Minded Ugly Retarded fagots.....Little blue people that eat your deodorant while your sleeping....and sometimes touch your tally whacker.
Wheres my deodorant and why am I sticky? Damn you SMURFS!
by philmon June 24, 2007
2 9