The true name for Sydney FC players and supporters. They wear sky blue, are shite football (soccer) players and shag their mothers.
Qld Supporter: "Farkin smurf!"
by catelynntheziggy October 11, 2008
Smurfs are little KKK members..they all wear white hoods and their leader wears the big red hood...And they are always hating on that wizard cause he's a jew...You can tell he's a jew because of that nose...Little racist blue guys with only one female...
Papa smurf is the grand wizard...check out that red hat...
by Anonymous Reaper April 18, 2008
Silly Minded Ugly Retarded fagots.....Little blue people that eat your deodorant while your sleeping....and sometimes touch your tally whacker.
Wheres my deodorant and why am I sticky? Damn you SMURFS!
by philmon June 24, 2007
To make out with a girl, and while doing so, to give yourself a handy.

- To Smurf
- Smurfing
- Smurfed
"Nah, i didn't get anything from her, so i just kissed her, and smurfed myself"

"He just keeps on smurfing himself, he doesn't like the vag."

" We just went back to my place, and i smurfed "
by Jay W March 26, 2007
hot sexy maintenance workers who wear sexy blue uniforms, often accompanied by hot tool belts.
The sexy smurf lifted the light fixture over his head exposing his rippling biceps.
by sexy buns October 13, 2006
The blue reflector things on the street that show where fire hydrants are.
Hey man you just ran over a smurf.
by Megosaurus June 09, 2006
when you beat off and your penis turns blue
my girl was beating me off with her feet and my penis smurfed
by felix guzman November 15, 2005
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