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a word that can replace verbs in sentences.
I saw u and smurfette leave the bar last night!
Yeah, as soon as we left the parking lot, she started smurfin me.
smurf ya
by iainttellinumyname December 10, 2003
smurf sex: fucking until you're blue in the face.
by eggplant July 25, 2003
a smurf stay tru 2 da bklu... "life Cefore death... and death cefore dishonor."
1 of Crooklyns illest... reppin it 4 tha bkush... Dewce Hood Shotgunn Crppin'... yea I'm 6'1", it's not abut tha height it about stayin true dewce (2) that bklue
by Snuff em' Smurf April 30, 2003
To give girls blue balls then make them jerk you off, and then catch it and put in the form of a white hat.
this girl was into some crazy shit, so she told me to let her smurf me
by mrninjaelephant August 05, 2010
1)-Verb-To seek the attention of another person, only to turn and avoid eye contact with said person, as the person who was called turns and seeks eye contact with the caller. If performed correctly it will result in humiliation of the person being smurfed and hilarity for the smurfer and entourage.
Luke: "Yo Mike........" (Luke hides)
Mike: "Ya?...O man, i just got smurfed."
by Smurfing101 February 15, 2009
The true name for Sydney FC players and supporters. They wear sky blue, are shite football (soccer) players and shag their mothers.
Qld Supporter: "Farkin smurf!"
by catelynntheziggy October 11, 2008
to make love
My friend wanted to smurf me
by Rogelio254 July 10, 2008