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slang term for extacy
can I score some smurfs for the rave?
by Travis Torsak January 10, 2007
0 4
An unofficial US military/special forces hazing ritual/CPR training exercise that made the news during the late 1980s in which one trainee's head is dunked under water until he drowns and then is resuscitated by another.
"A Navy spokesman denied that the sailor's death was in any way related to the rumored practice of smurfing."
by chopper dave July 20, 2006
2 6
Crushing bars(barbiturates) and sprinkling on marijauan and then smoking it
I just smoked a Smurf and that shit fucked me up!!!
by BigMike25 July 14, 2008
2 7
A tiny blue pill, a percocet of the 30mg variety
I popped a few smurfs last night and I was eff'd up!!
by Bobby Abs April 07, 2008
3 8
smurf- smurf means what ever you want it to. most of the time its said to bleep out a bad word like in the example
you're a smurf you son of a smurf! go to smurfville you smurfin smurfer!
by Robby Cnawsome August 17, 2007
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some 1 who has smoked to much weed and changes colour, mostly a greeny blue. Then they throw up!!!
Hey matty u fuckin smurfed all over me u fuckin dick weed!!!
by needy nob October 17, 2006
6 11
PRONOUN: A bitter, thieving,
self-absorbed, backstabbing, tantrum-prone, spastic jackass.
The SMURF has the combined (worst) character traits of Nelson Muntz Simpsons, Eddie HaskleBeaver,
Arnold HorshakWelcome Back,
Lex LuthorS.M., &
Nellie OlsonLittle House.
by ynot August 05, 2006
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