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Crushing bars(barbiturates) and sprinkling on marijauan and then smoking it
I just smoked a Smurf and that shit fucked me up!!!
by BigMike25 July 14, 2008
2 7
A tiny blue pill, a percocet of the 30mg variety
I popped a few smurfs last night and I was eff'd up!!
by Bobby Abs April 07, 2008
3 8
smurf- smurf means what ever you want it to. most of the time its said to bleep out a bad word like in the example
you're a smurf you son of a smurf! go to smurfville you smurfin smurfer!
by Robby Cnawsome August 17, 2007
0 5
some 1 who has smoked to much weed and changes colour, mostly a greeny blue. Then they throw up!!!
Hey matty u fuckin smurfed all over me u fuckin dick weed!!!
by needy nob October 17, 2006
6 11
PRONOUN: A bitter, thieving,
self-absorbed, backstabbing, tantrum-prone, spastic jackass.
The SMURF has the combined (worst) character traits of Nelson Muntz Simpsons, Eddie HaskleBeaver,
Arnold HorshakWelcome Back,
Lex LuthorS.M., &
Nellie OlsonLittle House.
by ynot August 05, 2006
6 11
a word that can replace verbs in sentences.
I saw u and smurfette leave the bar last night!
Yeah, as soon as we left the parking lot, she started smurfin me.
smurf ya
by iainttellinumyname December 10, 2003
3 8
smurf sex: fucking until you're blue in the face.
by eggplant July 25, 2003
5 10