A Hilarious Substitute for a curse word
Smurf 1: Did you have a good time with smurfette last night?
Smurf 2: right as we got out of the bar she started smurfin me
Smurf 1: get the smurf out! right in the smurf parkin lot?
Smurf 2: smurf yea
Smurf 1: that is freakin smurf
smurf 2 you smurf it
by Sam Wolfand March 28, 2005
meth heads or associates of meth heads that go around different drugstores to buy pseudoephedrine to sell to those cooking crystal meth
guy 1: gotta hit up angie and pete before we cook the crystal
guy 2: why?
guy 1: they're smurfs bro, they got all the pseudo we need
by domingo_girl August 14, 2011
One who is addicted to the pharmaceutical drug Oxycontin; Specifically 30mg (roxys), and typically shows signs of addiction, without hiding it.
My smurf of a sister asked me if I could find her some blues.
by Luvs2kickit24 April 13, 2011
An Ultramarines army in warhammer
man those smurfs always have land raiders!
by The_Dark_Side May 08, 2005
The name of a short girl who is extremely cute/adorable/beautiful
/lovable and she's so light you

can carry her like a baby and did

I forget to mention she's

extremely goth and super cute

And can tell if someone's a good
Person or not and can keep secrets
Friend: hey lucas did you see that new girl with the sides of her head shaved she looks freaky
Lucas:SHUT THE FUCK UP *whispers* I think she's kinda cute like a smurf •/////•
Friend:you like her don't you
by --[seeker]-- July 17, 2014
another word for "cocaine". more of an underground word; commonly used so that others are not sure of the topic of conversation.
Hank: "Where's the little miss cokey smurf?"
Runkle: "Blowing away the rest of my money."
by BelleAuBoisDormant March 14, 2011
The unoffical name of the employees at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games because of the bright blue clothes they have to wear that are the same color as smurfs.
Jeff: I'm stoked to go work at the olympics!
Brian: Have fun you smurf.
by MrBattleMan February 16, 2010
Soviet Magicians United Regime For Satan
Smurfs are evil little blue things who apear to be friendly, but arent
by TimothyC September 08, 2005

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