A Hilarious Substitute for a curse word
Smurf 1: Did you have a good time with smurfette last night?
Smurf 2: right as we got out of the bar she started smurfin me
Smurf 1: get the smurf out! right in the smurf parkin lot?
Smurf 2: smurf yea
Smurf 1: that is freakin smurf
smurf 2 you smurf it
by Sam Wolfand March 28, 2005
a slang word for Smirnoff Ice, the alcholic beverage.
We got 5 tall boys of Smurf and some bud.
by Kat November 20, 2004
1 to insult
2 blue man group
3 todd, andy zukoski's blue loving friend
4 todd, the fuggin fugger
5 like the "F" word
1) go smurf your self!
2) Smurf1: "hey what did you and smurfett do last night" SMurf2: "I smurfed her" Smurf1: "SMURF NO!" Smurf2: "SMURF YEA!, I smurfed her in the smurffin parking lot!"
3) todd? oh the smurf wannabe!
by Jack Mehoff November 03, 2004
a word that can be used to substitute most other words.
1.Last night when we left the bar, she started smurfin me.
2.No smurfin way.
3.Are u smurfin serious.
4.Smurf yeah.
5.Oh, that is freaken smurf, that is freaken smurf.
by danny g. November 03, 2004
small blu creatures who seem harmless at first but beware, they are vicious when given too much sugar
Ben has too much sugar and has biten me
by steve linnard July 15, 2004
used in Belgium to descibe cops or cops in training.
looks like them smurfs are ready to write a ticket.
by Big-DaDa April 26, 2004
#19 on my list of things that give me nightmares.
Thats papasmurf!He one bad mother...
by Themanwhohasabrokenspacebar November 08, 2003
Theyre blue because they never have sex. :^
It must really suck to be a smurf.
by sabas September 01, 2003
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